Sunday, August 26

The Wedding Album

It was a lovely Wedding. It was so romantic. So much love. Everything was perfect, Even the weather was perfect! Everyone commented on just how beautiful it was. Of course I cried, but mostly I had a smile on my face that wouldn't go away. I was so proud.
Kelli took My breath away, she glowed through the whole ceremony. I only wish I had taken a photo as the vows were exchanged, But I'm sure someone got a shot of it.
Little Nate was as good as gold through the whole thing.

This is just a few photos from the Wedding I'll be posting more soon as I get them.

Happy Bride getting ready The Maid of Honor Bride and Bridesmaid

Brides bouquet

Wedding Cake
Mike his Mom and Dad
Cari, Kelli and Sara Mikes sister
The Wedding Party Sara,Cari,Kelli, Mike, Best man Steve


Pixiepurls said...

oh, I love the dresses and flowers.

pei girl said...

it really was one of the best weddings I have attended just awesome!:0) have an awesome day nanna (hugs)

Ellen said...

so glad the weather co-operated ! everything looks so beautiful !

Haley said...

everyone looks beautiful--especially kelli. so happy for you and your family.

Jennifer said...

A beautiful family, one and all! The cake looks scrumptious. Congratulations to Kelli and Mike!

Carol said...

Thank you everyone. It was a great day!