Saturday, September 8

Saturday Sky

I want to Congratulate Pixie Purls And her husband Jessie on the safe arrival of their little girl Sydney Elizabeth Welcome into the world little one xoxo


Kelli said...

Hey Mom! What are you up to today? Give me a call

pei girl said...

congrats to pixie and love the shot of the sky very pretty.have an awesome day nanna(hugs)

Jennifer said...

Wow. That sunset makes the forest seem to be on fire!!

Did you have a gorgeous day today? It was 31 degrees here, and we went swimming! Oh, so nice.

Congrats to Pixie Purls (anxiously awaiting Pixie's next podcast, which might still be a while...)!

Carol said...

Yes we had a beautiful day here too!
I think we were as high as 28c.
I spent the day just relaxing out on the deck.
Gotta love these late summer days:D

Sorry Kelli, I didn't read the comments until this morning!How was your day? Did you make it to the beach?