Saturday, September 22

Evidence Of An Island Autumn

Well it's that time of year again the roadside vegetable stands seem to pop up over night and boy did I come across a good one Arlington Orchards at Ellen’s Creek Plaza that is where I got these delicious apples today. I love this time of year when you can get so much locally grown produce

The Best Apple Crisp Ever.

pre heat oven 350.

peel and slice thinly, 5 apples.

in a bowl combine 1/2 cup sugar.

2T. Corn starch.

1t. Cinnamon.

toss together in a large bowl until apples are evenly coated.

place in a 9x9 pan.

In the same bowl just used.mix together topping.

1/2 cup flour.

1/2 cup lightly packed brown.


1 t.cinnamon.

cut in 1/2 cup soften butter until it resemble pea size pieces incorporate 1 cup quick cooking oatmeal.

place this mixture over apples bake in oven 20 minutes or until golden and apples are tender.
This is a recipe I made from a cook book I bought several years ago when my oldest daughter was in grade one the grade six students were selling them to raise funds for a class trip to Ottawa.


Cari said...

One of my faves yum yum :D

Ellen said...

Looks soo good !!

I have to make my yearly trip to Arlington as well and get my apples to freeze. and get my apple items made for christmas ect.

Have a great day !!

pei girl said...

oh wow do those apples ever look delicious and your apple crisp I can just taste it, it looks so yummy hope you have an awesome day nanna (hugs):0)

Bridget said...

That looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

I will definately be trying this tonight. I will have to double it for my big family though :)
Have you been following Coronation street lately?

Julie in Ontario

Carol said...

@ Julie in Ontario, Yes it's getting good lately.

P.S. I can no longer visit your blog and I miss it so much :(