Monday, October 29

Carving contest

Everyone...hard at work.

Oh the fun
mikes cannibal pumpkin under construction
kelli's skull
Cari's silly face

Duane's Vampire

Mike's Cannibal

Happy Halloween !!!


Anonymous said...

Wow guys!! They look awesome!!! good work!! lol

Jennifer said...

Spooky! Fabulous job! What I HAVE to know did you take the pictures? Every time I take pictures of our lit pumpkins, they turn out like flaming blurs. It doesn't seem to matter if the flash in on or off. I did a pumpkin with Nemo on it last year. No picture. :(

Carol said...

Thanks Sara and Jennifer I used the camera without the flash turned off the lights and held the camera as still as possible, I think they are somewhat blurry.

pei girl said...

what an awesome job you all did on the pumpkins looks like fun was had by all .(hugs)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Carol! I'll try that. Just about to try your pizza recipe too!

Casey said...

Nice pumpkins! I didn't carve any this year and am quite sad about it.

Ellen said...

Great work on the pumpkins !!
lots of talent there :)

Have a great weekend !