Tuesday, October 2

I'm getting there

Wow It seems like I've been knitting this sock forever. Tomorrow it will be a month since I cast on the stitches for this sock. but I can finely see the light at the end of the tunnel. I believe with a little luck I might have a finished pair by the end of the week .

Actually I can't wait to slip these on my feet. I love the colour and the funky little design the yarn made. I'm using Paton's kroy paint box yarn and the pattern I found on Ravelry Patonyle Classic Socks . It is the first thing that I queued over there.


Jennifer said...

I love the pattern that yarn is making! ...not just the average stripes.

pei girl said...

I agree with jennifer,they sure are lovely have an awesome day nanny (hugs)

Ellen said...

Hi Carol,, this picture is of Tango, Rudy hasn't gotten his picture on here yet ,
We'll likely have some to post over the weekend, they met at the park today and Rudys family is thinking they will have us take him possibly on Saturday so I'm sure we'll take lots of pictures then and get them posted .