Saturday, October 6

It's Hockey Night In Canada

And in honor of our favourite game I decided to make our favourite game food
best recipe ever and fast...

1 1/2 cups flour+ 1cup to be used in the kneading of the dough.

1teaspoon salt.

1 pkg fast acting yeast.

1 Tablespoon sugar.
1 cup hot water 130 f.
1/4 cup oil.
Mix first 4 ingredients in a bowl.

mix together water and oil. pour into bowl and mixing together as you add flour as needed.

kneed at least forty times on a floured surface. let rest for 15 minutes then spread dough on to the pan.

Add your favourite sauce top with meats cheese then add the vegetables. bake in a 350 f. oven for 20 minutes.

this recipe makes enough dough for 2 pizzas or you can do like I do and use the second dough and make cinnamon sticks.

cinnamon sticks

1/4 cup soft butter.
1 teaspoon cinnamon.
1 Tablespoon sugar.
mix together in a bowl and spread over dough bake in a 350 f. oven for about 12 minutes.


Cindy said...

Come now Carol.... I hope you don't cheer for those habs do you??? The pizza looks delicious and my mouth is watering thinking of those cinnamon sticks!! Hope you have a great evening!!


Ellen said...

The pizza and cinnamon sticks are making me drool !!

will be using your recipe for sure !

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!!

Carol said...


yes...I'm a habs fan, the whole family are habs fans including our new son in law. :)

(well except for Cari she's a leafs fan):(

pei girl said...

yummyyyyyyyy mouth watering here have a wonderful thanksgiving nanna

Cindy said...

I don't know where we went astray with that new son-in-law of yours...It certainly wasn't the way he was taught!!Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving.

Carol said...

@ Cindy...You did a fine job with your son! He's the perfect
son-in-law and we love him :)