Friday, October 12

Lots Of Progress

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here they are all done and ready to wear. Okay Cari I promised you I'd work on your afghan as soon as I was done of these so I'll start this afternoon

I just don't know what it is...but I've become a knitting maniac. I can't seem to put these socks down.
Maybe it's the cooler weather we're experiencing lately. But I really got the knitting mojo. I only hope it lasts awhile


pei girl said...

wow you sure are in the knitting mood the socks look so warm and cozy ,maybe you are right it could be this cool weather have an awesome day nanna (hugs)

Sairshe said...

Love those socks! Thanks for stopping by my revived blog!

Bridget said...

They will be nice and cheerful this winter! I'm going to try your apple crisp recipe today.:)