Monday, October 22

A Nature Walk

Friday was a beautiful Fall day temperature was in the low twenties... so the girls and I took Nate on his first hiking trip. It was to serve two purposes... one was to let him experience the great outdoors and the other was a chance for me to get some pictures of the fall foliage we decided on The Farmlands trail in Stanhope it is marked as an easy hike only 2km ,60 minute loop trail by the Stanhope Cemetery and through an old farm field. Located off the Gulf Shore Parkway between Stanhope and Dalvay. I can't tell you how impressed I was with Nate... he wasn't bored at all and he took everything in. He saw squirrels and half way into our hike he could recognize their call he'd whispered "ha a squrrrall" his words with his little nose all wrinkled up.

Off we go with Hammie in tow I'm as tall as the trees Nan
every time I'd crouch down to take his picture... he'd crouch down too!

gathering rocks

my photo of a squirrel Kelli's photo of the squirrel taken with a much better camera pine forests I'm thinking of having this enlarged and developed in black and white sort of Ansel Adams, Some kind of orange fungi I thought it looked like kraft dinner. Raspberries along the trail Fall Raspberry season starts the first week in August and goes until about mid-October, no I didn't pick 'em...But I wanted too!we went down to the beach but the parks people removed the stairs so we couldn't access the beach:( On the Brackley point road.


pei girl said...

the pictures are just beautiful and Nate is such a doll!!:0)have an awesome day nanna(hugs)

Christy J said...

Our boys are really growing up fast. It's so much fun now that they're learning to talk. But Bub thinks "Nana" and "banana" are the same - maybe I shoulda stuck with "Gramma."