Saturday, October 20

Saturday Sky...7 Truths About Me!

I've been tag by my blog friend Jennifer you have to go read her list it's pretty amazing.

Rules -

~Link the person who tagged you

~Tell seven truths about you either funny/different

~Tag seven people at the end of your blog entry

~Leave a message at their blog to tell them they’ve been tagged.
Here it goes:

1.I love Diet Coke and I mean LOVE as in I can drink 2 or 3 a day…. (yes, I am working to fix this).

2.I can’t STAND to see dirty dishes in the sink, not even a spoon, I will wash the spoon then wash the sink.

3.Wild parties, nightclubs, and big events with lots of people - other than flea markets and the like have never held any interest for me at all - in fact, I pretty much hate them. I've always been extremely quiet, which has often led to people calling me "boring"

4.I could lay in bed and watch coronation street all day long.

5.I think I am the only person that doesn’t like American Idol/Canadian Idol

6. I've lived on the same street pretty much my whole life (UGH)

7. I consider my massive collection of vintage cookbooks to be a collection of friends, not inanimate objects

I am too lazy to tag 7 people plus it's too limiting, so I tag anyone who is reading this and want to play! Hee hee! And let me know if you are playing... I'd love to read about your 7 little quirks too!


Ellen said...

Hey there Carol,
I did your meme :)

hope you have a great weekend !!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for playing! I had to laugh that you think you're boring. I haven't met you in person, but that's not my opinion at all! I love regular Coke, which is worse I guess, from a weight standpoint. I try to stay away from it...but then I drink too much coffee!

Becky said...

If wild parties and nightclubs are the measure of excitement, then I'm boring too. And no, you are not the only person in the world who doesn't like American Idol, Canadian Idol, British Idol, and any other kinds of Idols out there.