Tuesday, November 13

Another Finished Project

Here is the finished balaclava I'll try to take a photo of Nate wearing it! hopefully he'll wear it, this was a lot faster knit than I remembered it being, I knitted in a couple of nights while watching TV. Funny my eyes must be playing tricks on me 'cause I could have swore this was black yarn ?!?! but looking at it here it looks blue?

edited to add photo
I am so happy with the fit...{ pats oneself on back}


Pixiepurls said...

cool, will be neat to see it on.. it does look blue :(

pei girl said...

looks blue here love to see how cute it will be on Nate have an awesome day nana (hugs)

Melanie said...

I've thought about making one of these...worried it will take me forever. lol
He's so cute!