Monday, November 12

baby it's cold outside

I do believe we are officially into the winter season here, for a full week I had to have the heat on, yesterday I woke up looked outside and the ground was covered with snow... not the nice kind either, it was the wet slushy kind. I had to put my winter coat, hat and mitts on this morning.
I have really drafty windows so today hubby and I are weatherproofing them we got some caulking and 3m indoor window insulation kit... it's a plastic shrink wrap you put on with a hair dryer, it says it can reduce fuel bills, I just want it to stop the drafts!

The only positive thing about the colder weather is that I've been in the mood to do a lot of knitting and a lot of baking, I 'm working on 2 scarfs and a balaclava for Nate I have a pattern that I used for year's it's in beehive patons book 98, I couldn't find it in my pattern box I thought maybe I had lent it out, well I found it yesterday it was in one of those Rubbermaid containers at the very bottom of the pile this is a great little book full of terrific hats I know it's an older book but the patterns are still popular today. I was very lucky finding the yarn as well I was at walmart when I spied it it was in a bag marked as unknown fiber but it looked like sock yarn to me 300g of it for $3.00 so I bought it although I'm not to sure it's the same dye lot as long as I get the balaclava made from the one ball I should be fine.

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