Tuesday, November 27

my weekend project

I had a totally free weekend nothing to do but indulge myself, so I went over to Michaels bought some yarn, fired up video on demand, (isn't that just the best?). Casted on my stitches for my favourite knit... The Newfie mitt and enjoyed some great movies... I was in heaven.
The kids picked me up to watch The Santa Claus parade on Saturday a few years ago the city started holding it at night ... it's pretty with all the floats lit up, but... oh my goodness it was cold
( -12 c /10f) we watched most of it from the car. Nate just loved it!

He was as snug as a bug... He reminded me of Randy in The Christmas story I can't put my arms down! Hope you all had a great weekend! next up is to put up the outside decorations anyone wanna help me ?


shirley said...

just love the mittens and Nate is so sweet he does remind me of Randy real cute have an awesome day nana (hugs)

Jennifer said...

Those are nice mittens! Are they for you? I have to put up my outside decorations too...