Saturday, November 3

Stormy Saturday Sky...

Stormy Saturday Sky

We are getting the remnants of hurricane Noel here in the northeast. The worst of it is said to come late tonight. So I have been hunkered down on the couch watching Grey's season two working on my textured scarf and a pair of two needle mittens from Paton head to toe book
and drinking a serious amount of tea, and eating up the last of the Halloween treats, taking a break every so often to watch the storm on the weather network . The winds are now picking up and the rain is beginning to start. We knew he was coming so we were able to prepare. Not like Juan
I hope everyone stays warm safe and dry... And don't forget to set your clocks back tonight


maggie said...

I hope you're safe and dry, and haven't blown away! Those winds were (still are!) something else! We were without power from about 8 this morning until 2:30 this afternoon, so happy to have it back now!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are OK, I saw the pictures on CBC last night, and it was very blustery indeed.

Julie in Ontario

Carol said...

Yes we survived... it wasn't as bad as we anticipated.
Thankfully it was no more than heavy rains and winds.