Wednesday, November 7

Well everyone I know survived Noel with minimum damage which is good.
I finished watching Grey's yep!!! all three seasons, I looking forward to tuning in on Thursday night. I only missed the first few episodes and with the writers strike who knows how many there will be for season four?
I'm making progress on the Textured Scarf that I'm knitting for a friend ;) I'm using Paton's Shetland Chunky. Colourway-Berry Marl. Needle size 4.5mm.From Paton's heads to toes #752, Hubby like it so much that he asked if I'd knit him one,
I was shocked he never takes interest in my knitting! I went to Michaels they had a sale on bernats satin $2 per 100g so how could I not buy it? I'm making his in black and blue this pattern comes with a matching sack hat but I don't thing I'll be knitting that for him! instead I'll make a balaclava (sp) I made him one years ago, he wears it when he shovels the snow.
It keeps his head nice and warm, he's lived here 25 years and still not use to the cold winters. , he really minds the cold and he's still amazed at the amount of snow we get!

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Procraftinator said...

I got hooked on Grey's Anatomy in the first season. It is -totally- not the kind of show I usually watch! But I was in the hospital, and they were having a marathon of the first 6 episodes, and I didn't have anything else to do so I watched it. :) And then I wasn't able to stop!!! I've been watching Private Practice too. It's not the same kind of show at all, and it's taking a while for me to settle in to it. I love Addison though, so I hope this show takes off.