Wednesday, December 26

Christmas Morning

We had a wonderful Christmas this year, Everyone was extremely happy with their gifts. I was spoiled again this year. I got everything I was wishing for, had a great big feast... ate way too much, I got the biggest kick out of watching Nate opening his gifts... It was a hoot!
Poor Cari had to work the 3-11 shift so she missed out on the meal but she was here for the gift exchange. Hubby had to work the night shift so he was up 24hrs straight he's off now for 7 days so I'm hoping he'll get caught up on his sleep!
I'm planning on hitting the stores tomorrow and spending all of my Birthday and Christmas money, on what you might ask, well on yarn silly!
I hope you had a Merry Christmas too!

Look at the look on his face, priceless!
Thomas the tank engine this was difficult to find, because of the recall but I was ensured that this one was safe. he was so excited over this...he loves Thomas he calls him Tommy

Leave me alone I'm working here!!!

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peigirl said...

priceless !!!!!!