Saturday, December 29

My Sister Linda and her husband Earl held a family get together at her home last night.

My Nephew Stephen with his son Chase...Stephen didn't know it, but he was the the guest of honor. We are so proud of Stephen, Next month he will be leaving for a mission in Afghanistan. we wish him all the best and a safe return.
My nephew Patrick and Nate.
Mike and Nate... I have no idea why Mike has his hands up like that?

My Dad... he's 87 and still shovels the snow in the driveway. He amazes me! I had a lovely time, I wanted to get a family photo but when I brought the camera out all the girls hide their faces it was as if they were afraid I'd put them on the Internet or something muhahahahah!!! no but seriously I hate getting my picture taken too!


peigirl said...

love the pictures and yes it was just great getting together Linda and Earl are wonderful people they love family very much,it was a very enjoyable evening.have an awesome day nanna.(hugs)

Haley said...

sounds like a fun family gathering. i wish stephen the best on his mission. how very brave of him. looks like you had a lot of holiday fun. nate is precious as always! sorry i missed your birthday. happy belated. you have the same birthday as my dad, but he's a good bit older than 45. have a good new year's!