Saturday, December 1

Saturday Sky

Well It's here... Our first significant snowfall of the season, we're supposed to receive quite a lot before tonight is over. It does look pretty out there.

Please don't hate me but I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday, I bought everything I wanted to buy and still have some cash left over, this is the first time that has ever happened I'm so proud of myself. I put a few of the decorations up and Hubby made me a promise to have the outside done before next weekend. I love that man

I did a bit of knitting... I started another pair of newfie mitts,
The yarn I'm using is patons decor rich country blue and aran
I went down to a size 4 mm I couldn't find this size anywhere so I had to break down and buy a set of pony pearl needles way over my budget, $7.95 but worth every penny.

I also casted on the little Elmo washcloth for Nate.It took a long time for me to find red cotton yarn it must be in high demand 'cause of the time of year, I wish someone would open a little wool and yarn shop I'm so disappointed with Michaels ,Walmart and forget Zellers I hate that store with a passion.
Do you like my new header ? Cari took this picture, it's one of my favourites


Ellen said...

Good for you on finishing the christmas shopping !!
I have 3 items to pick up and I'm done, woohoo.

got most of it wrapped too :)

enjoy what's left of the weekend :)

Anonymous said...

When I make it down to C'town I go to
the old Leisure World for yarn. I think it's called Owl's Nest or something like that now. If you're looking for the high end stuff stop in at Northern Knitters (at least they used to) carry Fleece Artist and some others. Hope you're dug out by now! : )

Carol said...

@ Ellen you're my inspiration :)

@ anonymous Northern Knitters went out of business last year and I do shop at leisure world but often they just don't have what I'm looking for