Thursday, December 13

Simply Snuggly Turtleneck

I've been feeling ill for the past couple of days now, I might have the flu bug or something? not sure but for the better part of this week I've been cooped up inside, not doing much of anything .
TV is starting to feel the effects of the writers strike so I find myself either on the computer or looking through my knitting books and at my yarn stash trying to come up with a project to start.
I made this sweater a year ago I remember how quick it was to knit.
and at how extremely comfortable it was, It's made with a bulky yarn and huge needles 8mm
front and back are the same and the collar is incorporated as part of the front and back, so no need to pick up stitches, to be perfectly honest, I hate picking up stitches I either come up with too many or too few, anyway I casted on using Bernat Soft Boucle soft taupe I bought at
wall mart last January the ticket reads $3.60 but I'm sure I got it for $1.00 a ball. It is soft and very light. an acrylic blend.

sorry for the poor quality of the pictures but I'm using dollar store batteries. I have to go get some Duracell's because I'll be taking lots of pictures soon.


peigirl said...

sorry to hear your not feeling up to par I had heard there is some kind of bug on the go,drink lots of hot drinks and stay warm hope you will soon be back to your old self love the color of the sweater.
have a great day knitting (hugs)

Jennifer/Loopy Knitter said...

I love wearing turtlenecks, if they're not scratchy on the neck. Yours looks nice and soft!!!

I also have a fever/flu/cold. I just find myself staring off into space. Not much is getting accomplished at a busy time of year. Christmas cards will be late, that's for sure!

PS. I can't seem to comment using my Wordpress identity. I'll try the "Nickname" option.