Wednesday, December 19


Have a look at some of the weather the Island has been experiencing lately. I know you all want a peek and I would love to share with you . It's been so cold and windy here almost like February and the winter hasn't even started yet!

I started a Christmas stocking for my new son-in-law I know I'm foolish and I shouldn't even be filling stocking at their age but old traditions die hard.

I still have to work on the embroidering I'm not happy with it at all. It looks like it says mine not mike. I may rip it out and start again? Yep I think I'll do that after the holidays when I'm not so rushed. I'm using an easy pattern that knits up fast so it should be off the needles in time. I'm looking for an applique to embellish it with the hab's logo would be nice and I know he'd freak out over that!
Today I'll be making the fudge I have two kinds that I make, an old Island favourite brown sugar and a marshmallow chocolate chip recipe the girls love.
Hope you have a good day


peigirl said...

the pictures are just beautiful I love the snow and mikes sock is great traditions are what make a wonderful Christmas so keep doing them,this is really funny I am making fudge today also lol have an awesome day nanna(hugs)

Carol said...

we're too much alike :)