Tuesday, January 22

13 questions

Saw this on a lot of different sites today and thought it would be fun to play along (what else is there to do when it's -14 c outside? well I could vacuum but that's no fun!

1. Childhood ambition:To Move To Hollywood and become an actress !

2. Best/worst weather:Love long hot days that turn into cool nights. Hate Days with wind chills.

3. Favorite food:A big Sunday dinner with meat, potatoes, vegetables and gravy.

4. Current book: I've rediscovered How to Knit by Debbie Bliss. Kelli bought this for me with her first pay cheque, she wrote on the first page"To Mom I love you a whole bunch. Enjoy!

(p.s. I would like the sweater on page112!) well Kelli I finely started it hopefully you'll have it soon.

5.Guilty pleasure: knitting when I should be doing other things.

6.One quirk: Just one?

7. Something you never done that most people have:flew in a plane

8. Favorite drink:diet coke

9. Oddest job you had:job what's a job?

10. Last song you listened to on purpose:Bubbly ~Colbie Caillat

11. Cities, towns, villages you lived in:Believe it or not Just Charlottetown

12. Teenage ambition:To be a Mommy,

13. Movie you’d most like to be a character in: The breakfast club


peigirl said...

ohhhh I just love the color of the yarn and the pattern looks like a very pretty sweater what yarn is it? have an awesome day nanna (hugs)

Haley said...

love the color too. can't wait to see the finished sweater. just wanted to let you know i am passing on the "you make my day" award to you. see my blog for more info. feel free to pass it on if you want to.