Wednesday, January 16

Another Snow Day!

That's right folks... We had another snowstorm here on the Island. Yep!!! the mainland's been cut off again...

Seriously, I'm getting tired of this snow thing. The only good thing about it is it gives me lots of time to knit.
I really hope the plow comes down my street soon. I'm out of milk, bread and coffee filters.
and I need to get out of this house I'm getting cabin fever.

I finished another pair of mittens for Nate to lose. This pair I made on 2 needles using yarn from my stash, Patons Astra denim mix, it's variegated but when knitting something this small it almost stripes itself.

I was over at Linda's blog this morning, and she has just finished a hat she made for her Delurker Knits project. She left a link for the hat and it's a free pattern . I'm so going to make this, I really need help with fair isle knitting, and I think this will be a perfect project for me to practice on. When I finish I'll donate it to the cancer ward at the QEH.
I just love knitting for charities!


peigirl said...

love the mittens and I feel like I'm getting spoiled with all the days of have an awesome knitting day nanna (hugs)

Kaet said...

i am sorry to hear you are getting cabin fever! i am a real snow i would love to switch places with you! especially if i had a fireplace, good book, hot cocoa and tea, and knitting. but i am sure it would eventually get old for me too...the mittens look amazing! he better not loose these beauties!