Sunday, January 20

I Went Shopping

I went out and bought some yarn yesterday... I feel so naughty I have plenty of yarn in my stash but I felt like some new stuff.

So I went to leisure world Charlottetown's answer to a yarn shop, I bought a ball of sock yarn that cost $11.99 now I know to some of you that doesn't sound like a lot but to me it is. well let me tell you it's worth every cent. It's called On Your Toes by Kertzer. It's 75% wool 25% nylon and has Aloe Vera in it It is a pleasure to work with and it's 100g so one ball will make a pair of socks. While I was there I also bought a ball of patons sws(70% Wool, 30% Soy)Colourway Geranium, and 3 balls of patons Astra( 100% Acrylic) red, white and grey for a pair of socks I'm giving hubby for Valentines Day, similar to the Stanfield Work Sock. I scored this pattern off of my dear neighbour Joan.
I'm not going to tell you what the amount was, but it's the most I ever paid for yarn at one place, and I think we'll be eating Kraft dinner for the next week, hahaha!

I already used the ball of sws... well at least half of it, on Calorimetry... Now I am not a fast knitter by any stretch of the imagination but this sweet headband only took 2 hrs from cast on to cast off, and I love the way the sws yarn worked this pattern.


Anonymous said...

love the color of the headband and you do knit fast I am just on my second pair of socks,look at all the lovely items you have made so far this year.snowing again nanna lol have an awesome day (hugs)

Katie said...

love your blog here. my husband always talk about taking our kids on vacation to PEI!! I have never been, but would love to go! your knitting is beautiful!! I am a beginner, and just taught myself in october. i am excited to make lots of stuff!

Kaet said...

the kertzer sock yarn looks great, and the aloe in it sounds interesting...maybe it will soften the feet! your calorimetry is lovely...i made one myself in the geranium too and loved the colorway for this pattern!