Saturday, January 5

Saturday Sky

Well we had quite a week! We had 3 snow storms. almost a record for early snowfall on Prince Edward Island, it has been almost 40 years since this much snow has fallen this early.
We had 190 centimetres of snow so far this year . That's almost double what we would normally get for the beginning part of the winter. And we're within a few flakes of what we got for all of last winter. It looks like it's over well at least for the next few days. The weekend temperatures are expected to go from below freezing to double digits. It's what is known as the"January Thaw"and it couldn't come soon enough for me. The snow on the sides of our driveway is 154 cm high that's over 60 inches. We don't have anywhere to put more snow.

I was able to finish Mike's socks in no time at all, using the bigger needles and thicker ply yarn sure makes it go fast. They look and feel so comfortable, I have to make myself a pair.
I was blog surfing the other day and found out that tomorrow is International Pajama Day. So it's perfectly fine to stay in your PJ's all day long... If anyone says anything, just direct them to the website... I have the day all plan out there's a lot of knitting and a movie I've been wanting to watch on demand since last year.

Have a great weekend and If it's warm where you live... send some our way.



Jennifer said...

I've had a few pyjama days already over the holidays. It's good to know that tomorrow is designated! Those socks look nice and warm!

peigirl said...

what a pretty sky ,love the socks and well the last few days has been pj days for me lol.have an awesome evening nanna (hugs)

Lil Knitter said...

Oh my goodness, I have never seen so much snow in all my life. We get very little of it and all that snow would make us wimps shut down. Nobody around here knows how to drive in the snow. lol
Your socks look great and so warm. Perfect timing getting them done. You need warm socks with all those storms.
I really enjoyed watching your videos of the's so pretty. Stay warm.