Saturday, January 12

Saturday Sky

Well here is another Saturday Sky for you to look at. Pretty much like all the other skies except this one come with some nice mild temperatures, for this time of the year in this part of the country anyway! Almost all of the snow that we got last week is gone. just icky dirty piles here and there left from the snowplows.
one week ago today
Sammy the Squirrel's footprints
While I was looking through my patterns the other day I came across this one from eweCanknit #189 family size 2-4 years 6-8 years 10-12 years ladies and men's ribbed socks, written with the new knitter in mind. Easy to follow instructions. So I made the smallest sized pair for Nate for when the weather turns cold and believe me it will.
Oh... please go say Hi to my sister's new baby he is so sweet!


peigirl said...

awwww thank you sis we think he is pretty special and I just love the socks would you please send me the pattern I really think we need a good old fashioned snow storm have an awesome day nanna (hugs)

Carol said...

SNOWSTORM...I think we had enough snow for this year!If you want this pattern then your gonna have to invite me over :P

Ellen said...

OMG the puppy is adorable !! quiet a difference in the 2 pictures of where the snow melted :)

LOL PEIGirl,, I agree with Carol,, enough snow for this year :)

Have a great weekend Ladies :)

**pats new puppy**

peigirl said...

you know you never need an invite to my home come on over anytime I will put the tea ya (hugs)

Bridget said...

Cute puppy! And the kid's not bad either! ;)