Tuesday, February 19

And the winner is...

We had a tie between Jennifer and artinreality both said 300
So I had to pick the winner from the hat.
Congratulations...Jennifer, Email me with your snail mail address and I'll ship it out to you first thing tomorrow.

In case you were wondering the number of hearts were 303. And yes I've already started to eat them :D

The best part of this contest was discovering all your wonderful blogs. My google reader is now bursting at the seams :) I'll have to do this again.

I hope you have a great day


Lil Knitter said...

Congrats to Jennifer! That was fun but I was waaaaaay off...lol
Don't eat all that candy at once!

Jennifer said...

Woo! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm still in shock.

val said...

Hi Carol - thankyou for the compliments on my first sock that was really nice of you - love your little blog. knitting sweaters is my next area to conquer ;)

peigirl said...

congrats to Jennifer!!and I like lil was wayyy off,have an awesome day nanna (hugs)

Anonymous said...

Well done Jennifer. Can't believe how far off I was! I thought I was being really smart and calculating cleverly - I shall know in future to calculate according to my formula and then almost double it! lol

Thanks for the wee contest though - it has been fun!

artinreality said...

Congratulations Jennifer! I loved this contest. It made me think about how I could find little heart candy... :)