Friday, February 15

Eye Candy Friday

Let me start by saying Wow!!!! I can't believe how many of you are playing my little game. You guys rock!!! No one has guessed right yet! although someone is very close.

One year, a group of Japanese fans presented to the people of Prince Edward Island a 350-pound replica of the Anne of Green Gables house made entirely of sugar. and it's on display at The Confederation Centre of the Arts here in Charlottetown


Bridget said...

That is neat! I was amazed when I found out how beloved AoGG is in Japan. It is my favorite book of all time, and I loved seeing the house when we were there three years ago. Must come back soon!

Lil Knitter said...

Wow...that detail is awesome. I so do not have the patience for that.

Kaet said...

ok, i idolize anne and i love sugar- what a great combo! that house is just stunning. i would look at it all day!