Monday, February 11

Photo of the Week WEEK 6

Yes old PEI has another snow day! Schools are all closed for the day, Businesses are delaying opening, but it isn't as bad as it looks or sounds this time it's the light fluffy kind of snow that's easy to shovel you can just sweep it away and the temperature is -3 c / 25 f that's not too bad for here.
C'est la vie


Becky said...

Lovely photo! It was 75'F here when I got off work. I have no idea what that is in C, but it is shorts and t-shirts weather.

loosethreads said...

Hey! Found your site on ravelry... but I love PEI. I live in the states, but went to university in Canada. November my hubby and I went to PEI forthe first time. Good luck with the 100th next year! Sure glad I won't be ther for that!