Saturday, February 2

Saturday Sky

What you can't see in this shot is the thunder, lighting, rain, freezing rain and snow. that's right, you want weather? Well we have it all, and all at once!
If I were that groundhog I'd stay put, you couldn't coax me out of that hole for anything!
CTV has just reported, Nova Scotia's groundhog weatherman Shubenacadie Sam has emerged from his heated, custom built home and predicted an early spring, ending a week of fierce snowstorms that kept Canadians burrowed inside their own warm dens. Yes!!!!


peigirl said...

I went out today and it is really nice ,thank heavens the freezing rain didn't last as far as the groundhog thing I don't pay any attention to it lol have an awesome day nanna (hugs)

Becky said...

Our local groundhog would have been frightened right back into his burrow. Something for which I am very grateful. That means we have a bit longer before having to endure the triple digit temperatures, though the daffodils are already pushing their way up.

Jennifer said...

I had not heard this news! Yay for spring! Bring it on!

(It's snowing right now, which is discouraging.)