Saturday, February 23

Saturday Sky

morning has broken Well there wasn't too much knitting going on here for the last couple of days.
I had Nate for a sleepover Thursday night and had him for most of the day Friday.
I try to spend every waking minute sitting and playing with him because, I remember how fast they grow up, and pretty soon he won't want anything to do with his old Nana.
We took him to the library to get some books, he'll sit and listen to a story all day long, if he's interested in it, he's current fav is Toes In My Nose and Other Poems, And there were monkeys in my Sheree Fitch this is so funny because it was his mom's favourite too! After reading the books, 10 times each, he finely went down for his nap, so I thought it was a good time to clean the house, but I thought better and had a nap too! He slept for 2 hrs and boy did I welcome that!
Kelli came and got him at 4pm. He was only gone 1/2 an hour, when I looked at hubby and said I miss Nate, he said...go knit something! But I find my sock boring, I couldn't concentrate on the lacy tunic. So I found some Canadiana in my odd ball stash and thought it just might be enough to make myself a Calorimetry so that's what I did.

Today I'll try to start the spring cleaning.
Have a good weekend.


peigirl said...

what a beautiful shot of the sky!!!

Kelly said...

I was just talking about making a calorimetry today for myself too!

Anonymous said...

How was the fit with the caliometry? I have heard of people having guage problems with that pattern and having a hard time to get a good fit.

JUlie In Ontario

Carol said...

Hi Julie, long time.
Yes I did scale it down to fit I casted on 100sts instead of 120 sts and I only rep row 5 ten times instead of 15

Becky said...

That is funny. I started a calorimetry with leftovers from my pinwheel hat, but ripped it when it became obvious I wouldn't have enough yarn to finish.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, I have been planning to try knitting one, now I actually will with your variation on the pattern. I made a panta, but my daughter won't give it back, it is her favorite.

Julie in Ontario

Jennifer said...

You can't be "old Nana". I'm almost your age!