Monday, February 18

Wicked Winter Weather Weekend

It was an extremely cold weekend here . We had Nate for a sleep over, so we didn't venture outside much, we spent most of the weekend indoors. Nate was as good as gold. He had lots of toys to play with... see the video! Hub had lots to read, and I was able to do some knitting.

For Valentines Hub gave me a basket filled with candies and knitting notions and 2 balls of Berella "4" yarn . (who wants flowers when you can have candies and yarn) :)
and since I used the yarn I had bought to make his socks, on Nate's birthday gift.
I decided to make him a pair with this yarn. I'm using the pattern on the ball band and it seems to be working out well.

I also did some knitting on my own socks, I'm using the kertzer on your toes yarn, the one with aloe vera added. This is the nicest yarn I have come across yet! The pattern I'm using is the patons basic sock pattern wicked winter weekend knitting

The weather right now is Snow mixed with ice pellets but I believe it's suppose to improve later on, and I think the temp is going all the way up to +8 .
I'm amazed with the response to my contest, Thank you all, if you haven't made your guess yet you have until 3 pm my time tomorrow, that's when I'm turning the comments off.
The winner will be announced then.
Have a great day!
~edit to add photo of the finished sock~Hub's sock


peigirl said...

love the color of your yarn have an awesome day nanna (hugs)

Becky said...

Love the socks, both pair!

Jennifer said...

Both pairs of socks look great. The Kertzer yarn looks sooooooo pretty!

Sonya said...

Love the socks! Can't wait to see who wins.

Katie said...

oh, i need to learn how to knit socks! those looks so cozy!

Christy J said...

A husband who gives you yarn - he's a keeper! The Kertzer is a beautiful colorway. I'll have to look for some. I've used another aloe yarn and I agree how nice it feels.

Anonymous said...

lovely! I still need to learn to increase and decrease. Then I can take a sock class!

Kaet said...

these socks look like the perfect antidote to a wintry weekend! they are so beautiful and look really warm.