Wednesday, March 26

A bit of knitting

I hope all of you had a nice Easter. We did, I baked a ham and Kelli made scalloped potatoes as a side dish, it was yummy. Hubby and I gave each other books as gifts this year.

He gave me Essential Baby by Debbie Bliss and a note saying buy yourself whatever yarn stuff you need to make whatever you want. I almost cried.

Nate loved all the candies, I'm sure every time he comes for a visit he'll expect to have an egg hunt. Unfortunately I have no pictures to share. You guessed it... my batteries died on me again.

I've been busy this week... So far I did the taxes and mailed them off.

I finished my dishcloth knit a long. And finely found some pink cotton to make the be mine dishcloth. I worked a few rows on the lacy tunic, it's coming along nicely, I might have to make myself one. Oh, and I joined another dishcloth group . The weather here is so depressing. I think I'll bake today, and maybe I'll bundle up and take Angel out to play Frisbee she's been feeling down too!

Have a great day


Kelly said...

isn't this weather HORRIBLE!!!
Its snowing here again today :(
I love the heart dishcloth, I think we must be in the same dishcloth group on ravelry. I might just have joined the other one you were talking about too :)

Becky said...

I love the dishcloth. It's already in my queue, but you may have inspired me to go ahead and cast it on. I don't have any red or pink, but I do have some natural colored cotton. They all go back to that color eventually anyway.

Anonymous said...

I love the heart dishcloth! I really need to start knitting dishcloths.

I'm glad you had a happy easter!