Sunday, March 9


my socks

Well I've been spending all my free time with knitting needles in my hands, and I'm happy to say my socks are done. unfortunately they don't match perfectly, I was 2" into the ribbing of the second sock when I realized that, but I just didn't want to start over so I kept on knitting.


I also got to spend time on kelli's tunic, It's a 6 row repeat not difficult at all as long as I remember to mark down the row that I'm working on, I'm fine.

tunic back
The other day I received my prize from ThinkingMama, I used it yesterday at Tim's. Some of their customer's seemed very interested in it, they wanted to know where I got it, and how they could get one. I told them to go to Etsy, ThinkingMama, Hopefully Casey will get some orders from Charlottetown :)


peigirl said...

great knitting nanna did you post a picture of the coffee warmer?have an awesome day nanna (hugs)

Anonymous said...

I love that you put the ball band around the socks! They are really pretty.

I'm glad you like your prize! :)

Kaet said...

the color of that tunic is really pretty for spring! and who cares about the ribbing...that part is under pants anyway! and they look great no matter what!