Sunday, March 30

My Weekend

Kelli and Mike had a wedding to attend on Saturday, so I volunteered to take Nate for the night. Now when I have him I try to give him my undivided attention, (no knitting,) but yesterday was the exception, you see my sister and I slipped into leisure world for just a sec. to see if just by chance they might have some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, I wasn't surprised to find out they didn't! but they did have some Patons beehive baby sport, that I fell in love with, and the price was right so I bought two balls, in the bonnet blue colourway, with the intentions on using it for the Debbie Bliss pinafore dress.
But something caught my eye. On display was this darling little cardigan coat with a sweet little flower detail. I knew I had to make it. So Shirley always the enabler, bought two patterns,
(one for herself and one for me.) :) When I got home Nate was already here, so I put the bag away. Played with him for awhile, made pizza for supper then read to him a few books, all the time I was itching to start on the sweater. That's when I did a very bad thing. I put the TV on for him to watch tree house, and I started knitting. ( he didn't mind one bit)

It's a fast knit, this is only an hours worth of knitting. I'm thinking I just might knit a Miss Dashwood and a pair of Mary Jane booties to make it an awesome sweater set.

And the other day I did some odd ball knitting Hello Dollie a great way to use up your odd balls.:)

I'm going to make the rest of the dolls in the set, this summer. I think it will make great beach knitting!

I hope you had a great weekend!


sweetp said...

Love that wee doll. Just queued it :)The wee cardy is gorgeous too, look forward to seeing your FO

Kelly said...

awww that is the CUTEST cardi!!! Love love love it!!

peigirl said...

I just love the little doll and don't feel bad for knitting while Nate watched his tree house he probably wanted to watch it anyway have an awesome day nanna (hugs) great chatting with you this morning