Saturday, March 15

Saturday Sky

I can't believe it... but is that the sun peeking through the clouds ? Do you think we might have a sunny Saturday? I bought this yarn in a discount bin at a hardware store yesterday.
It's Patons Rumor 84% Acrylic, 15% Alpaca, 1% Polyester, colourway 69040 Spanish Heather,
I really want to knit with, it just to see what it would be like? I'm so glad I only bought one skein! I love the softness & the colorway, but I’m having a problem with shedding, of what I assume is the alpaca fiber, the loose fibers is just too much ! I used Cari's favourite hat pattern but it calls for a worsted weight and size 6mm needles. This on is a Super Bulky weight so I went down to a size 5mm needle and I think that might have been a mistake!
The fit isn't all that great, and it slips off the head . I might rip it out and look for a one skein project to make out of it, Kelli has suggested that I make another Calorimetry ? although I kinda getting tired of that one. Anyway I'm supposed to be finished with all this winter knitting stuff!!! lol.

Yes it's hard to be inspired to knit spring and summer things when there's dirty piles of snow everywhere you look, and the temperature is always below freezing.
Anyway, you all have a great weekend. :)


peigirl said...

the yarn looks so pretty,why not knit the coffee holders with it just a have an awesome day nanna (hugs)

Betty said...

I love Patons Rumor. It's one of my favorite yarns.
I know you don't want to knit anymore winter themed items but you should check out this. you only need one ball of Patons Rumor.
I hope you find this helpful.:)

Becky said...

I love the color of that yarn. My Saturday Sky was cloudy all day. But it was so warm here my a/c came on. Twice!

Katie said...

oh wow, they have yarn at the hardware store? I love it, and i do know what you mean about the weather!