Friday, April 18

Eye Candy Friday

Welcome Spring!

The crocus patch The pussy willows along Ellen's Creek

Yes... these are just a few signs of spring starting to make an appearance around here.
Yesterday the temperature was in the high teens and the sun was out for the entire day.
Nate got his new bike and spent the whole afternoon riding it.

I finished knitting the Debbie Bliss Cardigan out on the back deck, I love knitting outside.

Yes... it's been a long old winter, and I'm not sad to see it go one bit .


peigirl said...

it was beautiful yesterday the pictures are a sure sign of better weather to come,I just love the Cardi.have an awesome day nanna (hugs)

Peg said...

I remember those long winters in Summerside. We lived out at the base, and I wondered how snow ever settled on the ground, as it went rushing by the window horizontally!
Love the little blue sweater. Did you pick a branch or two of pussy willows to enjoy? If not, put one or two in a vase and enjoy them for me!

Kaet said...

i was just knitting on the deck myself, imagine that! i think we northerners appreciate spring the most! the flowers are gorg, thanks for sharing!