Sunday, April 20

Saturday Sky

... only a day late, but this seem to be the clock I'm running on lately

Another sure sign of spring around here is the Confederation Centre's annual fundraiser The Pinch Penny Fair, it used to be the thing to go to when my girls were little, Lots of great stuff for the kids, and a giant yard sale. I'd loved rummaging around there. I'd find some fantastic deals on books, toys and odds and ends for the house. It had been awhile since I attended one. Yesterday was just beautiful here, and we had nothing else to do, so we decided to go. I was a bit disappointed tho, it just wasn't the same, it was too crowded, you couldn't even get close enough to a table to see what was on it. I found the people were just plain rude. I was never so glad to leave a place in my life.

Hubby and I did make it a better day, we had lunch at a new spot in town called Brit's Fish N' Chips it wasn't bad! Then we went to Indigo to browse at the books, we each got something, went home and had a nice quiet night in... I knitted and he watched movies.

I finished this little baby hat to go along with the cardigan another simply delightful knit

I just love the little I-cord bow. Next is to start the little booties


peigirl said...

sorry to hear about the fair I just love the hat it is adorable hope you have an awesome day nanna (hugs)

Kaet said...

i love the i cord bow as well, and that sky just has spring written all over it!