Monday, June 9

addicting ???

Oh my... when Melanie said these bags were addicting, she wasn't lying!

This is bag #2 almost done, Cari asked me to add a little knitted flower to finish it off in style, I just haven't found one I like yet ! any suggestions ?
Kelli and I went to Michaels today to pick out the yarn for her bag. She chose Sugar 'n cream confectionary colors twists blueberry pie. I love it, it sort of looks like a faded denim.
I started as soon as we got home. The plan is to knit on it tonight while I watch The Mole,
I want to finish this as quickly as possible so I can start on my niece's Lillian tank top. She's coming to the Island this summer and I made her a promise that I'd have it done by the time she arrived. So I better start soon. Hope you all have a great night, and Happy Knitting!


sweetp said...

I've used this one a couple of times

Nice and easy. Really like those bags, might have to give it a go one day

Philigry said...

oh my lord! i love, love this! beautiful job!

Janna said...

Were you by any chance at Michaels yesterday at around 2pm? I remember seeing 2 ladies and a little boy looking at the Confectionery yarn, I was looking at it as well, I ended up buying 4 balls of it, very pretty colors!

Carol said...

omg...Yes, Jenna that was us. :)I hope you're going to try the everlasting bagstopper with at least one of the balls of yarn.
are you planning to attend the wwkip on Saturday?
outside the Confederation Centre and if it rains we'll be in the library hope to see you there!

Janna said...

Well it is a small world, I thought I recognized Nate from the pics on your site. Do you remember a lady with 2 different bags of the yarn laying on the floor? That was me trying to decide! I think you guys returned to the yarn as well, I saw your bag on ravelry, said I like that bag, so went to Michaels to find something to knit it up with, if I can make it on Saturday, I will have it with me probably. Right now I am planning on going, hope to finally meet and say hi this time! My name is Susan, Janna is my online screen name and my middle name.

Kaet said...

what a perfect summery bag! perfect color, perfect style, love it!

Lil Knitter said...

Love the bag! I'm getting cross eyed knitting these things. I think I need something new to take a break.
That tank top is so pretty...she will love that!