Friday, June 20

Eye candy friday

Every Thursday, a little critter invades my home, he moves in Lock, Stock, & Barrel. The front room is converted from a living room, to the toy department at wal*mart... and I wouldn't have it any other way!

The only knitting I've done this week has been on Marlene's Lillian. I just got an email from her telling me she's arriving on July 14th, a month sooner then planed! So safe to say this will be my only active project until it's completed, which shouldn't be too long!

Summer will be arriving in the Maritimes tonight at 8:59 p.m and hopefully it brings nice weather with it!


Janna said...

oooooo...I love Lillian so far, can't wait to see it complete!!

Kelly said...

yeah bring on the warm dang weather already!!!
I have everything for lillian just need to cast on!

peigirl said...

Nate is getting more handsome every time I see him what a doll,and just love the lillian,isn't it a beautiful day you have an awesome one nanna (hugs)