Wednesday, June 25

It's summertime

It's summertime, and around here summer starts with Canada Day and the festival of lights , a weekend filled with concerts, family barbecues, and of course "Eastern Canada's largest fireworks display".although I feel "largest" is an exaggeration.
Kelli is so excited! they have tickets to go see her favourite band, Our Lady Peace.

The rest of the summer is really quite relaxed lots of long sunny days at the beach (I hope!) and maybe we might get company from away, that's what we call anyone who doesn't live here year round, of course to end summer, we have old home week

Two years ago I entered some of my knitting in the Handcrafts and arts division of the exhibition. Although I didn't win any ribbons, it was fun. I thought I never do it again, it was just something I wanted to do! it for sure wasn't for the prize money, as you can see it wouldn't even buy a ball of yarn. I did it to pay homage to my Dad's Mom and her daughters, who would enter their beautiful hand knit works of arts, and their home baked goodies, every summer.
I thought it would be kind of special to have someone from the next generation, carry on the tradition, even if it was just for one year!
Last year I procrastinated too long, and missed the deadline to enter, at the time I just thought oh well...but I really regretted it. So this year as soon as I heard the forms were out, I went and got one.

as you can see not much has changed since my grandma's time, no new category's has been added to keep up with the times, so you pretty much have to make what they want you to make! no room for creativity, that said, here is what I'm going to enter...

Section 6-sleeveless sweater/ The Lillian, It only takes a week for me to make, So no pressure there.

Section 15- preemie set/ the little hat, booties I already have made, Baby HatPatons #139 Beehive Booties

and a pair of mitts, I can whip up in no time. I'll donate these to the QEH after.

and because I really want to make another bagstopper and there's no category for it, I'll have to enter in

Section 18-knitted item not listed above. sneaky ain't I heeheeEverlasting bagstopper #3

and as if I needed more incentive to do this, I joined Larissa Brown's fair along .

So maybe you walked by one of these competitions and thought, I'd like to do that!, or my knitting is better than that! I hope you'll join me and enter a fair/exhibition. It really is a lot of fun!

The only rules are, you have to be a permanent resident, the item had to be completed in the past year, must not have been exhibited at any previous exhibitions, and you can't be a professional you must be an amateur, the deadline for our exhibition is July 25th and you can get the entry forms at Women's Institute Office 40 Enman Cres. Charlottetown so all you Island crafters still have plenty of time!

no doubt about it!... today is definitely a beach day! so you know where I'll be! :)

Hope you have a great day!

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