Friday, June 13

not your garden variety Eye Candy Friday...

Wait a minute it is ( hehe) Just thought I'd post my two favourite plants from my shade garden.


and the Lily of the Valley

I finished Kelli's bag all that's left is the handles. Thanks to Sweet P for linking me up with the cutest little flower pattern, I now have the perfect embellishment to finish them off with.

Now the computer is being shut down and the knitting put aside for the day because I'm off with Hubby to celebrate his 53rd Birthday today. "Happy Birthday Babe"


Becky said...

Love your Lilly Of The Valley. Mine have died back already, so I'm glad you posted that photo.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous flower pics. Happy birthday to your husband!

Lil Knitter said...

Gorgeous flower photos!
I love that flower you added to the the pattern marked..I so want to try that myself.

sweetp said...

That flower looks fab, glad i could help! Happy Birthday to your DH