Wednesday, July 2

Happy Canada Day

I had a very enjoyable Canada Day spent with Hubby the Girls Nate and Mike.
We attended all the concerts came home had our barbecue then went back down listened to some fantastic talent.
The band that I really Loved was this guy his name is Matt Andersen kind of rock blues and soul with a strong and powerful voice.

Then we watched the fire works. It wasn't until they started that I realized there were trees blocking the view, I wish they would pick a spot to dock the barge and stick with it! That way you'd know where to park yourself so you can see the darn things! sorry for the rant but the same thing happened to us last year we were told they were going off in one spot so we made our way there waited for hours, then they set them off behind the tallest building in Charlottetown!

Can you believe it I took over 100 pics and these are the only ones that turned out my camera was being super slow the wait between shots was so long and seem to happen between the lulls in the fireworks. But other than that I had a awesome Canada Day hope you had the same and to all of you in the States have a happy 4th.

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peigirl said...

happy to hear you had a great Canada Day and the pictures are just awesome sorry to hear not all of them took hope you have an awesome evening (hugs)