Tuesday, July 8

never trust a 45 year old's memory!

oh no...I made a huge mistake in the Lillian. for some reason I thought I could remember the lace pattern, but I forgot that on rounds 5, 7 and 9 I had to end off each repeat with k 4, yo.
Thank goodness this sweater is such a quick knit, because now I have to rip it back and start over again! But before I do that I have to finish the pretty in pink/beige shell for Cari. so far so good. Pixie Purls said it can be made in a few days, that's good, Cari's birthday is on Friday! btw I'm loving this sirdar breeze cotton blend, it's so soft!

I know I do a lot of complaining about the weather, but you won't hear me say anything bad about the heat, I'm loving it! Just when I think okay maybe it's a little too hot! a nice refreshing breeze blows by. I LOVE SUMMER!!! Oh and thanks everyone for asking about Nate he is feeling so much better.


Kelly said...

ackkk I hate when that happens.
At least you can whip them up quick huh, love the green yarn!

Christy J said...

The Lillian is a lovely sweater and it fit Cari so well. Where can I find that pattern? My Nerissa summer top came from Rowan magazine #41, last summer's issue. I used a more affordable cotton blend from my stash. I collect Rowan magazines (I have every issue) but I can't afford their yarn for everything.

Janna said...

So many times that has happened to me, my memory left me when I was 35!!
I so love Breeze too, I have 3 balls of blue, and 3 of white I must use, too bad it is discontinued, it has a nice hand. Hope Nate is feeling better.

sweetp said...

jealous of your weather ;)

The green is lovely. Hope the reworking goes quick

Anonymous said...

oh I can't wait to see her wear it, I'm sure you will finish in time, the last bit flies by.

Becky said...

Both sweaters look very nice!

I hate summer! I can't wait for it to be over. Bring on Autumn!!!!!