Monday, July 21

Thank you!

Thank you for all the best wishes for our Anniversary yesterday. We had a fantastic day. We have the best Children ever!.

Today is the last day of my sisters and nieces vacation, :( and although we seen each other at Dad's 87th birthday dinner on Saturday, it wasn't nearly enough time to get caught up!
I'm going to spend the day playing tourist with my sister Bev.(and maybe we can talk Shirley in to coming along with us)
We plan on taking in the free play at the confederation centre. showcasing the history of Quebec through stories, dance and song. I hear it's very good, and I know she'll want to check out the art gallery.
( My Sis is a very talented artist) and maybe do a walk about the city, I only wish the rain would hold off until tomorrow. But I'm sure it will be a fun day, even if it rains.

in knitting news... on Friday I finished the Lillian for the exhibition and in all the excitement of the weekend I haven't had time to ask my model Cari, to pose for pictures, and I made it in a ladies small so there's not a chance on earth of it fitting me, so you'll just have to put up with a coat hanger shot!

I'm almost finished of the bag I'm really pleased with the way the colours look.
one more handle and I'm done. (there's already a family feud as to who's going to get it once the exhibition is over!)

it took 4 42.5 balls of bernat stripe cotton colourway pinky. that I got on sale at zellers for the ridiculous price of .59 cents a ball.

and as promised here is my niece Marlene modeling her Lillian Marlene's Lillian

I'm so pleased with the fit. She is so tiny and I was afraid it wouldn't fit, but as you can see it fits great!

well I suppose I should go get ready to go, hopefully I have some photos to show you of our adventures.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

love the Lillian's they are just beautiful!! hope you have an awesome day nanna (hugs)

Unknown said...

your masterpieces are always so NICE!

have a great weekend Nanna !!

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