Saturday, August 9

Good Morning!

Good Morning! I spent yesterday watching the Olympics. Wow what an amazing opening ceremonies. Little Nate watched the entire thing with me.

Now that the Olympics have officially started, I can work on my sweater for the RAVELYMPIC, I know it's not the sweater I had originally signed on to finish, but we all know why I changed my mind.

It was driving me nuts not being able to knit on it until the start of the games, so I casted on a Doily to fill in the time. this simple pattern was given to me by my Sis who had it so long she can't remember where she got it. but I know it goes back at least 30 years because, I remember it being on the coffee table when I was a child. If any of you know the origin of it I would love to know.

Speaking of my sister, she dropped by the knitting exhibit yesterday to check out the knitting. She saw that I won 2, 3rd place ribbons. One for the baby set and one for the bagstopper. I'm so excited!!! I didn't think I had a snowballs chance after seeing all the beautiful work that was my competition.
I did think the Lillian stood a fair chance just by the reaction it got from the volunteers taking entries. We are going to the exhibiting on Monday, so hopefully I'll have pictures to show.

It is Saturday so here is Saturday's Sky, another rainy day yes it seems like it's been raining here for the whole Summer. I feel so sorry for all the tourist who picked PEI to vacation on. I hope the weather will change because Hubby's holidays are almost over and we haven't gone to the beach once in August :`(
hope you all have a great weekend. Thanks for dropping in.


peigirl said...

I wasn't a bit surprise that you won your knitting is so beautiful,and wow you are knitting up a storm there love the Dollie hope you have an awesome day nanna (hugs)

Ellen said...

Great job on 2nd and 3rd place items !!
somehow it doesn't surprise me, your work is so beautiful !

have a great day Nanna, i hope you and hubby get some decent weather before he has to return to work.

Becky said...

Wasn't that Opening Ceremony something to behold? Spectacular!

Congratulations on winning. I know you must be thrilled.

Anonymous said...

wow! congrads on the ribbons. i dont think we have any contests here like that!