Friday, August 15

I love a parade!

Today was the 47th annual Gold Cup Parade, this parade is the largest east of Montreal.
The theme of this year’s parade was: “Say it with music.”

Nate with Daddy waiting for the start of the parade
It always starts with the antique fire truck
Followed by the RCMP marching band.

Amy Wallis, who portrays the freckled, red-headed orphan Anne Shirley in the Charlottetown Festival’s hit musical Anne of Green Gables, was this year’s grand marshal.

Nate loved Nemo!

And Thomas

Tia chi
The ever popular Clash Band. always my favourite.

And Canada Rocks the Christmas show (I can't wait for this one!)
The End!!!hope you enjoyed the parade!


Pixiepurls said...

oh I wish I could see that musica! How long is she set to play anne in it?

Carol said...

Oh it is an awesome play I've seen it at least 15 times and it always seems fresh and new I'm sure it will always be on stage. but the last show for this summer is September 27th.

Sonya said...

I love parades! Thanks so much for sharing yours with us.

peigirl said...

thanks Carol for the great pictures of the parade love the picture of Nate and Mike have an awesome day (hugs)

Jennifer said...

My son would FREAK OUT if he saw that huge, giant Nemo!!