Wednesday, August 6

Off to the fair.

Well today is judgment day, lol... No but seriously I'm very nervous about having my babies examined and critiqued. Anyway here's what I finally decided on The Lillian, The bagstopper The baby set and My sis talked me into entering a pair of socks even though there's only two categories for socks either work or fancy, so I don't know where mine will fit in, or even if they will?

I gave up on the Debbie Bliss Tunic, I hate to say I was defeated but I just wasn't into it!
Kelli gave me permission to let it go, but she wants me to make her the wrap around cardi in place of it! I really wanted to finish it for her, but every time I went to knit on it I'd get a headache, I just dreaded it! I only worked 12" of it. I didn't want to unravel it so I casted it off and put it aside. maybe I can make something out of it someday???
well I guess I'm off to be judged now... I'll let you know how I got along.


peigirl said...

I'm so happy you put your socks in they really are lovely ,hope you enjoy your day at the fair I can't wait to see all the stuff it has been years since I have been there good luck nanna hope you have an awesome day you are one great knitter and I know what you mean about the tunic I have had project on the hook for near a year now.(hugs)

Peggy said...

Good Luck Carol.
I'm sure you'll do well.
and I'm also sure Kelli will love the cardigan just as much as the tunic. knitting is suppose to be fun and if you're not enjoying knitting something then what's the point, right!!!

Sonya said...

Good luck! We will be rootin for you.

Lil Knitter said...

Good luck today! I hope you win every one of them!