Sunday, August 17

Ravelympic Update... Sunday August 17,

I've chosen the wip wrestling event. but let me first point out, I started with only 12"worked on the back, so I think I've done well ! It's the Debbie Bliss wrap around Cardigan with pockets and a 63"belt. It's from the easy knits book page54.

I have the back and the left and right fronts done. I started the sleeve last night I got 12" done.
It's been so easy keeping on top of this thing, because of the weather since the start of the games has been lousy, rained every single day which has left me with no option, but to stay indoors and watch and knit.

My favourite Olympic moment, So far, hmmmm....was Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter, breaking the world record in the 100 metres final. Amazing!!!

picture off the net.


peigirl said...

oh Carol I just love the sweater and love the color! have an awesome day (hugs)

Becky said...

That is a very nice sweater!

My favorite Olympic moment so far, Jason Lezak running down Alain Bernard in the mens 4x100 meter freestyle.

sweetp said...

love the colour
Fav athlete...Valerie Vili (NZ) - our gold medallist (likely to be our only one ;0 )

Kelli said...

My best olympic moment so far is after the Canadian mens 8 rowing team win their medal and they throw their coxswain off the dock!