Monday, August 11

The Exhibition

Today was fair day. The whole family went down to the exhibition grounds.
I have never seen anyone enjoy the fair as much as Nate did!

This was his very first time attending and he soaked everything in.

Here is the day in pictures and I even have a short video.

Nate at the petting zoo, he had a blast with the farm animals.
Here sheep!
we told Nate this is where Nan gets her yarn from. and he said NO!!! you get it at Walmart LOL
His first time on a carnival ride

his first time playing the games...and he won!!! a stuffed frog!

Checking out the horses
and here is proof I really did win! man I still can't believe it!

and as promised a video


Toni said...

Congratulations on the award, and your grand son is too cute. I hope the sheep finally "came here."

Ellen said...

ahh Nate is so cute, and that sweet little voice , just makes you want to hug him !!

Great pictures and video Nanna !!

Have a great week !

peigirl said...

omgosh how precious is that video Nate is so so cute and I love his sweet voice,great pictures and once again congrats on the wins I knew you would win have an awesome day nanna (hugs)

Haley said...

very impressed with your awards. love the pics of nate. my john would have loved all those farm animals. thanks for checking in on my blog. sorry it's been so long since i've had time to read yours.