Thursday, September 4

Doily on 2 needles

Ok I have been knitting more than just Baby knits, or should I say I've been finishing up some ufo's. Here is the latest off my needles.
As far as I know, this pattern is no longer in print. The copy I have is handwritten in my sister's hand writing. It is so old, she has forgotten where she acquired it from.
Started it on July 10th, Made on 2 needles sized 4mm, using 50g of sugar and cream icing sugar, from my stash. of course it can be knitted with any weight yarn.


peigirl said...

I almost forgot what they looked like I have a set in christmas colors,love this pattern.have an awesome day nanna (hugs)

Ellen said...

beautiful Nana !! and I LOVE the video of nate, too cute!!

Have a great weekend !!

Anonymous said...

My mother's friend used to have these doilys (knitted in phentex, none the less!) on all her tables year round. Thanks for bringing back some memories!