Saturday, September 13

Saturday sky

pretty much a blah kinda day

I added a count down on the sidebar today only 3 days until my nephew Stephen comes home from Afghanistan. He's been there way too long. I hope he knows how extremely proud we all are of him. I know his wife and son can't wait and I know his Mom will finally be able to relax, she has had the summer from hell always fearing the worst.

Only 3 more days Shirley :)


peigirl said...

yes Carol I finally took a big long breath and for the fist time in 6 months had one great sleep,I can't wait to see him and give him a BIG mommy hug.thanks for keeping him in your prayers they were answered.hope you have an awesome day (hugs)

Toni said...

Carol - I love the new look, and I'll keep your friend's son in my prayers. Please express my gratitude to him and his family for his service.

Becky said...

I know you'll all be glad when he gets home safely.

Cari said...

Not long now... are we going to have a big welcome home party???